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The band was formed in 1980 through the enthusiasm of the late Bill Baillie, an Occidental Oil Company employee on the Flotta Oil Terminal. The membership initially came from the Flotta workforce and took the name Occidental Pipe Band, and then later the Claymore Pipe Band, after one of the oilfields supplying Flotta.

The band then extended its recruitment beyond the workforce and obtained new sponsorship from the Stromness branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL) in 1985 and therefore took the present name. The band joined the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA) at Grade 4b level in 2007.

The band started to compete at various Quartet and Mini Band contests and faired well against bands in our own grade as well as higher graded opposition by means of playing up into Grade 3 and 4A. Right is the Stromness Town Crest.

In 2009 the ambition to compete as a full band was realised at Aberdeen and Pitlochry Games with a 5th and 2nd place respectively in these open Grade 4 contests. In 2010 the band attended it’s first ever Major Championship and achieved 2nd place at the Scottish and narrowly missed out in a final spot at the Worlds. The band also gained the RBL Grade 4 Miniband and Open Quartet Titles, as well as the Grade 4A title at Aberdeen Games which ultimately let to an upgrade to Grade 4A for the 2011 season.

Since then the band has won a host of prizes including the RBL overall championships, North of Scotland Quartets and Miniband champions in Grades 4 and 3.

Above, the Sinclair clan crest which was originally the band’s cap badge before joining the RBL and adopting the national crest. The crest has however been reintroduced for 2010 as the band’s official kilt pin.

The band wears the Sinclair of Ulbster Tartan (by permission of the Earl of Caithness) with both Full Number 1 and Number 2 Dress. The pipe corps play R G Hardie Chanters with R T Shepherd reeds, with the drum corps playing Andante Drums.

Previous Pipe Majors of the band have included: Bert Simm, Willie Windwick, Sinclair Scott, Arnie Flett, Eric Ploughman, Kenny Peace and Mark Wemyss.

Previous Drum Majors have included: Bill Baillie, Bob Copper, Jason Wilson, Gary Laing, Ewan Sinclair, Reanne Wylie and John McCaig.