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News, 2013

Stromness RBL Pipe Band Start Season on a High Note

Stromness RBL Pipe Band have started their season in style! On Saturday 20th of April, members of the band travelled to Huntly to take part in the North of Scotland Mini Band and Quartet Competition. This was the first competition for the band since being promoted to Grade 3. In the morning, the piping quartet competition was the main event. Pipers Mark Wemyss, Mark Weir, Craig Ross and Ross Shand took part in the competition at both Grade 3 and Grade 2 level. The requirement for both grades was to play a March, Strathspey and Reel. The tunes played were ‘The Conundrum’, ‘The Caledonian Society of London’ and ‘The Sound of Sleet’.

In the Grade 3 competition, the team played well against tough competition. In the Grade 2 event, the pipes were booming once again, and the team received appreciation from the crowds. Pipe Major Mark Wemyss said “This was an important day for us being the first competition of the year and our first as a Grade 3 band, it was also the first time we have played at Grade 2 level so I am delighted at our continual progress". The mini band competition was held in the afternoon. The band took part in the Grade 3 section of the competition. The requirement for this section was to play a selection of tunes, known as a medley. The band’s set included some well known traditional tunes, and some original material. Drum Sargent Cliff Seatter said "The band is pleased with the performance today. Both pipe and drum corps were sounding great! I think what makes our band special is the strong bond between the different sections of the band – a quality that is not found in many other bands! I am very proud of what the band is achieving, and I’m confident that the results will reflect our performance today".

The final results were read out at the end of the day, and Stromness Pipe Band welcomed the outcome – 1st place in the Grade 3 mini band competition, and 3rd place in the Grade 3 piping quartet competition. The team also did well in the Grade 2 quartets, but narrowly missed out on the prize list, being matched against some bands with years of experience at the higher levels. The band is now looking forward to the rest of the season, and hope that they can keep bringing trophies back to Orkney and keep putting the islands on the piping map!

RSPBA Upgrade for Stromness RBL

Stromness RBL are delighted to announce the band will be competing in Grade 3B (the highest grade obtained by a band from the far North of Scotland) for the 2013 season. This signifies several years of hard work by the band who are now looking forward to the challenge of playing more demanding music at full band competitions.The band would like to take this opportunity to thank the Stromness RBL Club for the continued support as all our other dedicated supporters and sponsors who have made this historic achievement possible.

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